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Blind Tasting: Kirkland Signature Pinot Grigio vs Kris Pinot Grigio

2019 Kirkland Signature Pinot Grigio (Friuli Grave) $5.99


2018 Kris Pinot Grigio (delle Venezie) $8.99

We promise we drink wines from countries other than Italy!

Admittedly, we don't have a ton of experience with Pinot Grigio, so this little experiment was a perfect platform to try to expand our horizons a little bit. We decided to make this side-by-side blind tasting a family affair on a hot and sunny weekend BBQ - let's see how these two wines fared!

Here are some of the comments from our family of 6 tasters:

Wine #1: Poured pale yellow in the glass, almost watery. Not distinct on the nose. Not very characterful, slightly bitter, yet smooth and crisp on the palate.

Wine #2: Also pale in the glass, but maybe a slightly deeper tone. Nose was fresh and simple. Slightly more body on this wine, and sweeter fruity notes. One taster immediately exclaimed..."wine #2 is TERRIBLE!".

The result: DRAW! Our group of tasters was all over the map with this one and was split evenly over which wine was prefered. Wine #1 was the Kris Pinot Grigio and Wine #2 the Kirkland Signature.

For us, neither of these wines were much to write home about and not very memorable. Perhaps these are not great examples of the Pinot Grigio grape? We would happily give some others a try at some point, but for our money, we would much rather quench our thirst with the Kirkland Signature Sauvignon Blanc ($6.99) or a Vinho Verde ($7-$10) since they seem to provide a lot more personality in the glass.

What do you think? Are we off base here? Let us know!

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