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Blind Tasting: Kirkland Signature Prosecco Superiore vs. Casa Farive Prosecco Superiore

It’s a rare occasion for us to start our day with Prosecco, but when someone special has a milestone birthday, we need to make an exception! Let's celebrate!

N.V. Kirkland Signature Prosecco Asolo Superiore DOCG($6.99)


N.V. Casa Farive Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore ($10.99)

Wine #1: presented clean, lean, simple, easy, smooth, kind of “green” in flavor. Imagine an alcoholic honeydew melon. For one taster this was not a good flavor at all but others noted it was very enjoyable.

Wine #2: more fleshy in body and flavor, darker color, richer, bigger mouthfeel. The flavors that presented themselves weren’t entirely pleasant....slightly bitter and sour. It perhaps tasted “more expensive” and the richness reminded some tasters a little of champagne.

The verdict?

4 tasters preferred the first wine while 2 preferred the second. Kirkland took a 4-2 victory in this morning's tasting! A great celebration for the birthday girl, who is undoubtedly the Queen of Costco.

For the two tasters that preferred the name brand, the question then became, is it worth the extra money, and this is where things can get really interesting, especially since these two wines are often right next to each other in the aisle at Costco. When the prices were revealed, one quickly said no, it isn't worth the extra $4. The other taster then followed up with a great qualifier - stating that if it was being consumed as an apertif or on its own, it would be worth the extra 50% cost, but if it was mixed with orange juice to make a mimosa, no, it wouldn't be worth it.

So make some Mimosas we did! Was a great celebratory start to a day celebrating the best Mom in the world!

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